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Release Date: March 26, 2021

Ghosts Of Atlantis or "GOA" is a brand new project featuring Colin Parks of the Dark Gothic Metal band Devilment.

Recorded and produced at Colin's own "Devilhead Studio" in Suffolk, Ghosts Of Atlantis incorporates a blend of many different genres.

The bands sound is an epic Journey for the listener, full of beautiful melodies, backed up by a crushing assault with emotive lyrics.

Building the lore around the mythology of ancient Greece and Atlantis, GOA delivers it's own story, a story weaving both historic findings and fantasy storytelling

The lore is carefully crafted to contain relevance to both this world and the mythological world of Atlantis.

Many have enquired as to the reasoning ofthe name

1. The Third Pillar
2. Halls Of Lemuria
3. False Prophet
4. The Curse Of Man
5. When Tridents Fall
6. Poseidon's Bow
7. Gardens Of Athena
8. The Lost Compass

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